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10 Reasons Why Your Pinterest Traffic Dropped And How To Fix It

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If you’re experiencing huge traffic drops on Pinterest, this article will cover 10 reasons why your Pinterest traffic has dropped and a 10 step process on how to fix it.

10 Reasons Why Your Pinterest Traffic Dropped

1) The algorithm changed

Every platform has a specific way of distributing content. In the past, the Pinterest algorithm was structured in a way where the content a user interacted with the most is what was shown to them.

In 2020, Pinterest restructured their algorithm to feature diversified content types on a users timeline. These content types featured idea pins (formerly story pins) and video pins.

Now while video pins weren’t new to Pinterest, Pinterest were keen on keeping people on the platform for longer. This is why you might have noticed seeing more video and idea pins on your timeline.

Idea pins have since been phased out but video content is still big on Pinterest.

Given these and other changes, it’s natural to experience a drop in traffic especially if your content fails to reflect these changes.

2) Re-pins are affecting your traffic

Re-pins on Pinterest are pins saved from third parties.

A couple of years ago, re-pinning other people’s high performing content in order to increase your monthly views was a common strategy.

In 2024, this strategy will do more harm than good for your account.

In order to see an increase in your desired metrics (ideally outbound clicks), you simply have to pin more of your own content.

3) Your pins have been stolen

Yes, you read that right. Stolen pins are a big problem on Pinterest. Pinterest have amped up their efforts to stop this from happening but it still does.

What typically happens is some people will target pins that rank at the top for a specific keyword and copy them. They’ll then post them on their boards complete with the same keywords and detailing you used and outrank you.

Whenever this happens, you’ll start experiencing major traffic drops for pins that would bring you thousands of clicks.

4) Your seasonal pins are losing traction

Seasonal pins on Pinterest are pins that do well during a particular season. These could be summer related pins, fall/autumn, Halloween, Christmas and back to school content.

Depending on whichever season you have pins for, your pins can and will do extremely well. You’ll get thousand of impressions, pin clicks, saves and even outbound clicks. The Pinterest algorithm will also work overtime to distribute and show these pins to more people who are searching for this type of content.

As seasons start changing, your pins will start loosing traction and you’ll in turn experience traffic drops.

5) Pinterest’s spam filter

As I mentioned earlier, spam is a big issue on Pinterest. In a bid to combat this, Pinterest have introduced a spam filter.

What typically happens is if your pins are marked as spam, people will be unable to click on your pins or your pins will be hidden from search.

Because of this, if you had pins that were ranking at the top for certain keywords, they’ll disappear from the list.

This has happened to a lot of people and is probably one of the worst things that could happen to you on Pinterest.

6) Pinterest is glitching

This happens more times than I can count. Sometimes you’ll pin something and it will get thousands of views, saves and clicks only to wake up the next morning to crickets.

The same is the case for monthly views.

7) Your need a better Pinterest strategy

How flexible is your Pinterest strategy? Changing times and algorithms call for a flexible strategy.

If you’re still clinging onto the same Pinterest strategy you were using when you first created your account, your numbers will suffer.

Pinterest has changed a lot since it was first introduced. Things and content types that once worked on the platform don’t work today.

Now that we have some of the reasons covered let’s jump into what to do and how to fix the traffic drop situation everyone is tired of on Pinterest.

8) You’re not A/B testing

A/B testing is testing two versions of the same content to see which one performs better.

Your A/B test could feature different pin titles, descriptions or call to action(s).

You’ll never find out which content performs better if you’re not A/B testing.

9) Your Search Engine Optimization sucks

Proper search engine optimization is key on Pinterest.

You won’t get your desired conversions if the seo on your pins, descriptions, titles, or boards suck.

The only way to find your top performers is to A/B test. Let’s tie this back in to reason 9.

10) You’re not pinning enough content

Pinning enough goes hand in hand with not re-pinning too much of other people’s content.

Pinning 2 to 5 times a day will not drive as much traffic as you’d like to get from Pinterest. Especially if your pinning is also not consistent.

10 Ways To fix Pinterest Traffic Drops

1) Restructure your content to reflect algorithm changes

If you weren’t using video content before, you might want to start using them.

A lot of people have mixed feelings about video content but I’ve had great success with them on different accounts. I started using video content way before Pinterest restructured their algorithm to boost them.

Video content auto plays as the user scrolls on Pinterest and allows a user to engage better with your content.

Video content will 9 times out of 10 always give you traffic boosts on your account.

2) Limit your re-pins

Simply put, re-pins drive traffic to content that isn’t yours. If you have a Pinterest Business account, your main focus is probably driving traffic to your content or products. The more of your own pins you post, the higher your traffic will be.

3) Check for stolen pins

How often do you check whether your pins have been stolen? You can find this out by searching for your content/content you rank for.

If you find out that your pins have been stolen, report the pins or get in touch with Pinterest support.

4) Diversify your content

Don’t be too heavily reliant on seasonal content/pins. If your entire account is structured to accommodate seasonal content, your traffic will be seasonal.

If your website is monetized using ads, your income will suffer greatly.

Diversifying your content involves pinning evergreen content.

Evergreen content is content that’s guaranteed to do well all year round regardless of season changes.

This also goes hand in hand with not starting a Pinterest account that’s too niched down but that’s a topic for another day.

5) Avoid spamming on Pinterest

Your content can be marked as spam for one of two reasons:

I) You went against Pinterest’s best practices.

ii) You were accidentally marked as spam.

In both of these cases, you can plead your case with Pinterest via their support desk.

6) Don’t panic incase of a glitch

There often isn’t much to do when a Pinterest glitch is happening other than to let them fix it.

Keep posting your content like you normally would and let them sort everything out.

7) Invest in a better Pinterest strategy

Speaking as someone who’s managed a lot of Pinterest accounts and run accounts in different niches of my own. No two Pinterest accounts will work with the same strategy. Sometimes even accounts in the same niche won’t work with the same strategy.

I like to think of a successful Pinterest Growth & Marketing strategy as a 3 step process:

  1. Starting out with free Pinterest growth & Marketing tips on Youtube & blogs.
  2. Investing in a comprehensive Pinterest marketing course.
  3. Using all the tips you learned from the Pinterest marketing course and your analytics to create a customized Pinterest Strategy.

That is how you win the Pinterest Marketing game.

Speaking of comprehensive Pinterest Marketing courses, if you’re struggling with figuring out the A to Z of Pinterest Marketing, grab Pin your Way to Conversions .

If your Pinterest traffic is also not converting to link clicks, check out some reasons why your Pinterest traffic is not converting here.

8) A/B test a lot

A/B test different titles, descriptions, call to action(s), pin designs and even content types.

Older audiences tend to prefer pin graphics to lifestyle images while younger audiences prefer lifestyle images.

Test, test and test some more.

9) Get better at search engine optimization

Great search engine optimization on Pinterest will put you ahead of the rest.

If you’re getting a lot of impressions but few outbound clicks, your search engine optimization could use some work.

A good/well optimized Title and Pin Description go hand in hand.

People need to know why they should click the link to go to your desired destination.

Does your content promise to fix a problem, introduce them to something new, teach them how to do something or offer more of what they’re seeing?

10) Pin enough content

If you’re a blogger, the number of posts you have up should inform how much content you’re pinning DAILY.

Why would you only pin 3 to 5 pins every other day when you have over 100 blog posts then complain about barely getting any traffic from Pinterest?

While there’s no set in stone number for how many times you should pin every day, getting good traffic from Pinterest is undoubtedly a volume game.

If you have over 100 posts, a great number to work with would be 20 to 30 pins a day or 30 to 40 if you’re up to it.

All these points tie back into each other.

A good strategy, backed by great seo, even better content and the right volume done consistently will help you fix your traffic drop.

I hope this article has helped you shed some light on the Pinterest traffic drop situation. Feel free to comment down below if you have any other questions.

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