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How to Market your Online Boutique Using Pinterest

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So you’ve just launched your online boutique and you’re wondering how and where to market it.

Or maybe your online boutique is thriving but you’d like to increase your sales.

Well, I’m here to give you the breakdown on why Pinterest is the perfect platform for your online boutique and how to start marketing your boutique on Pinterest.

Before we go any further, let’s start with you as a user. You probably already have a Pinterest account that you occasionally save images to.

These could be images of anything. An outfit you liked, style inspiration, how to videos, mood boards, you name it.

Prior to saving the images, you might have noticed a very visible visit button or click here icon that made you aware that you can click on a pin.

Long after saving the pin to one of your boards you may also have noticed getting notifications about other people saving the same pins.

This is how Pinterest works and why sales from Pinterest will be one of the easiest sales you’ll ever make if you start marketing your boutique on Pinterest.

Unlike other platforms, Pinterest works like a Search Engine, a visual Search Engine. With over 400,000,000 monthly active users and a link back to every post system, Pinterest is designed to give you conversions even with zero ad spend.

Forget the hassle of needing a swipe up link. Or the tedious process of making your customers manually look up an item on your website.

On Pinterest, you get to send users directly to whichever item you’re selling.

Shorter sales funnels aka customer journey equals higher conversions. Higher conversions mean more money for you so let’s jump right in.

Pinterest Marketing for Boutiques

The first thing you’ll need is a Pinterest Business account .

Pinterest business accounts come with access to things such as analytics an ad account and more.

Head on over to the official Pinterest website to create a business account.

After creating your business account, you’ll need to search engine optimize your profile, description and boards.

Pinterest Search Engine Optimization

On Pinterest, for every search term, 3 things have the probability of ranking. An account that has the keyword, a board that has the keyword and the keyword itself.

Keeping this is mind will help you boost the visibility of your boutique’s items in search.

a) Your profile

Let’s say your boutique is called Shop Unorthodox and you sell vintage sweatshirts & T-shirts. A properly Search Engine optimized Pinterest profile should look like this:

Shop Unorthodox | Vintage Sweatshirts & T-shirts

b) Your description

Your description should let people know what you’re selling. I.e

Shop unorthodox carries a range of authentic vintage sweatshirts & tshirts. New arrivals every Sunday. Check out website for more.


We sell authentic vintage sweatshirts & T-shirts. Shop new arrivals every Sunday at 7pm CST.

c) Your boards

Boards are where your pins are housed on Pinterest.

Back to our example. If your boutique sells vintage sweatshirts and T-shirts, you’ll want to have boards that reflect this.

While it may feel natural to give your boards quirky names, this won’t boost your visibility in search.

If you sell vintage sweatshirts, name your board appropriately.

d) Your board description

Pro tip: For many search terms, every 1 in 6 Google first page results are usually results from Pinterest. If you play your cards right, your boutique’s items will rank in two places for free. So pay attention to this part and how you name your boards.

Your board description is where you do exactly that. Tell people what your board is about using keywords.

If you sell Vintage T-shirts, tell people what type of T-shirts they are.

Are they band tees, 70’s tshirts or graphic tshirts? Let them know.

Now that you’re done with the first part it’s time to get to the second part.

The second part involves 2 things;

I) Taking note of your inventory.

ii) Creating a pinning strategy.

I) Taking note of your inventory

This is the part where you work out how much inventory you have.

Doing this will inform your decision on how many boards you’ll need. It will also largely determine how much of your own content your pinning strategy will include.

ii) Creating a pinning strategy

The official Pinterest website reports that over 53% of people make fashion related purchases on Pinterest.

A good Pinterest strategy will easily fast track your growth and conversion process on Pinterest.

From how to find high converting keywords to using the right titles it can all get overwhelming really fast.

This is exactly why I created the Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Marketing for Boutique Owners.

In the Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Marketing for Boutique Owners you’ll learn;

  1. How to market your boutique using Pinterest.
  2. Finding high converting keywords on Pinterest.
  3. How to use the search bar to inform your inventory and posting decisions.
  4. Utilizing the trending on Pinterest tab.
  5. How to create shoulder niche boards that will boost your account’s growth.
  6. How to increase your conversions.
  7. The type of content you should post on Pinterest.

And so much more.

Are you ready to increase sales for your online boutique using Pinterest marketing? Grab the Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Marketing for Boutique Owners now.

Why is Pinterest the right platform for my Boutique?

I’m glad you asked.

On Pinterest:

1) The number of followers you have don’t matter. Yes, unlike most platforms, followers don’t hold any weight on Pinterest. A pin from your new business account can still go viral/appear on people’s feeds as long as it’s properly optimized regardless of whether you have 20 or 0 followers.

2) As mentioned earlier, Pinterest lets you add a link to every pin. If you sell sets, pants, tops etc you get to add a link to every single item. No more link in bio or search for item x if you don’t have the swipe up link on Instagram yet.

3) A properly optimized pin will rank on Pinterest and Google for FREE. Every 1 in 6 Google first page search results are results from Pinterest. In fact, I’ve used this hack to rank on the first page of Google for my blog posts.

4) A pin on Pinterest has a longer lifespan than other platforms. A pin posted today can bring you traffic years from now.

5) On Pinterest, users do the marketing for you. The more people save a pin to their boards, the more people see it. High saves and views equals higher link clicks and eventually sales if you optimized everything the right way.

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