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How to Get Paid on Time By Brands as an Influencer

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Tired of dealing with late payments from brands as an influencer or blogger? Here’s how to ensure you get paid on time by brands using this sponsored posts legal template.

Many brands are notorious for making influencers do run arounds for payments.

Don’t even get me started on the ridiculous net 60 and 90 timelines.

This can be very frustrating especially because most brands usually have strict windows for content delivery.

If you’re in a similar boat, I have the perfect solution that will help you solve this problem.

A legal contract template.

Yes, you read that right.

On many of my blogs (I have 5), I work with different brands on different types of content.

Before I was introduced to this sponsored posts contract template, I would spend months chasing after invoices.

And then I introduced it into my system and everything changed.

The Sponsored posts contract template is a legal template customised by Amira Law, a certified lawyer and blogger at

The 11 page sponsored posts legal contract template comes with 28 important legal sections including:

  1. Services to be provided.
  2. Ownership of intellectual property.
  3. Confidentially provisions.
  4. Clear payment terms.
  5. Legal compliance and FTC disclosures.
  6. Termination clause.

You’ll also get up to $500 in bonuses for free namely:

  1. Sponsored posts disclaimer.
  2. Mediation agreement template.
  3. Late payment fee legal clause.

After you buy the template, you’ll be able to customise it to your liking with your personal details.

These details include but are not limited to your name, address and the brands details.

Take a closer look at the template here.

After the brand sends you their contract, you’ll in turn send them yours so that they can sign it.

Don’t forget to add a late fee amount under the late fee payment clause.

After the brand signs your contract, you’ll deliver your content and be rest assured that your payment will be submitted on time.

Should the brand fail to keep their end of the deal, this lawyer written sponsored posts legal template will ensure you’ll get paid more per the late fee payment clause or have grounds to sue because you used an actual legal contract and not a random free one from the internet that the brand signed.

This might be a drawback to some brands at first but that’s a brand you shouldn’t be working with to begin with!

If a brand wants their content delivered within strict windows, they should hold themselves to the same standard when it comes to paying creatives (you)!

Lawyer consult fees can easily run into the thousands and lawsuits hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It is really important to make sure you’re legally protected online and there’s no better and more affordable way of doing this than with customizable legal contract templates.

Over 30,000 bloggers, creators and business owners have bought these legal templates.

Watch their reviews here.

Grab the sponsored posts legal contract template and say goodbye to chasing after invoices.

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